Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge – Marine Parkway Bridge

Yesterday I decided to ride my bike. And what started as a ride to Rockaway Beach, from Fresh Meadows, quickly turned into a ride that saw me from from Rockaway, to Jacob Riis, to Floyd Bennett, skirting the waterline of Brooklyn, through Coney Island, Fort Hamilton, Sunset Park, Caroll Gardens, and Red Hook, over the Brooklyn Bridge, up the West Side, stopping at Shake Shack, and then home via the Queensborough Bridge.

60 miles.

Here are two photos from around the 25 mile mark.

Autumn Colors

Every year I say to myself “I will photograph the foliage.” Every year comes and goes without me doing so. However, yesterday, while hiking at the Mohonk Mountain House Preserve, when I got to the top of the the Labyrinth trail, I was able to capture this.

Not with my fancy schmancy D800, but with my little Sony point and shoot. Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t create a good photo without a fancy camera. They’re wrong.
The Shawangunks


The mountains you see are part of the Shawangunks, a range of mountains right outside of New Paltz, NY, and a popular destination for day hikers and rock climbers. I was in that region several times this summer, and plan to go up there a bunch more times next.

Comic Con Favorites

This weekend was the New York City Comic Con, also know as NYCC. It was my first time attending, and, I had a better time than I expected. I got to preview some cool stuff, got lots of free swag, and, as a photographer, had a chance to photograph a bunch of people in interesting outfits.

Now, these weren’t photoshoots, so much as “Hey, can I take a photo,” but I still found a way to create some cool images from the event. Here are some of my favorites.

The Rocketeer


The New Lara Croft


Harley Quinn

NYCC 2013 Sunday

Loki – Male and Female


Mad Moxxi


Colonial Marine

New York Comic Con 2013

New York Comic Con 2013

The Lutece Siblings

New York Comic Con 2013

Samus Aran

New York Comic Con 2013

The Man of Steel and my brother Julian

NYCC 2013 Sunday
NYCC 2013 Sunday

Elizabeth DeWitt/Comstock

NYCC 2013 Sunday

New York Comic Con

This is the first year I have attended the New York Comic Con. I am glad I did, as it has been a fun time, checking out the various artwork, sculptures, and of course costumes others have put together.

At the link below, you’ll find the photos I have taken over the course of the convention. Anyone who sees themself in a photo, feel free to copy said photo, or email me and I will send you a high resolution version.

Honestly, this guy was one of my favorites for the day, as Vaas, from Far Cry 3.

“Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?”

New York Comic Con 2013