Autumn Colors

Every year I say to myself “I will photograph the foliage.” Every year comes and goes without me doing so. However, yesterday, while hiking at the Mohonk Mountain House Preserve, when I got to the top of the the Labyrinth trail, I was able to capture this.

Not with my fancy schmancy D800, but with my little Sony point and shoot. Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t create a good photo without a fancy camera. They’re wrong.
The Shawangunks


The mountains you see are part of the Shawangunks, a range of mountains right outside of New Paltz, NY, and a popular destination for day hikers and rock climbers. I was in that region several times this summer, and plan to go up there a bunch more times next.

Comic Con Favorites

This weekend was the New York City Comic Con, also know as NYCC. It was my first time attending, and, I had a better time than I expected. I got to preview some cool stuff, got lots of free swag, and, as a photographer, had a chance to photograph a bunch of people in interesting outfits.

Now, these weren’t photoshoots, so much as “Hey, can I take a photo,” but I still found a way to create some cool images from the event. Here are some of my favorites.

The Rocketeer


The New Lara Croft


Harley Quinn

NYCC 2013 Sunday

Loki – Male and Female


Mad Moxxi


Colonial Marine

New York Comic Con 2013

New York Comic Con 2013

The Lutece Siblings

New York Comic Con 2013

Samus Aran

New York Comic Con 2013

The Man of Steel and my brother Julian

NYCC 2013 Sunday
NYCC 2013 Sunday

Elizabeth DeWitt/Comstock

NYCC 2013 Sunday

New York Comic Con

This is the first year I have attended the New York Comic Con. I am glad I did, as it has been a fun time, checking out the various artwork, sculptures, and of course costumes others have put together.

At the link below, you’ll find the photos I have taken over the course of the convention. Anyone who sees themself in a photo, feel free to copy said photo, or email me and I will send you a high resolution version.

Honestly, this guy was one of my favorites for the day, as Vaas, from Far Cry 3.

“Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?”

New York Comic Con 2013


Montreal Skyline


This past weekend I drove up to Montreal for a few nights. The weather wasn’t very cooperative, as you can see from the steely gray sky, but I did manage to get some photos I liked. I still have to go through the rest of the images, but in the meantime, here is a panorama I put together. This was taken handheld with the D800 and the 70-200 VR II from the top of Mont-Royal, which is in the South part of the city.

I also had the opportunity to visit the botanical gardens, which had an amazing exhibition of floral sculptures. By far the most impressive was this one of Mother Earth. This sculpture was huge. You could easily stand in her hand and have room to spare.

Mother Earth
Mother Earth

Product Review: Expert Shield

A couple of months ago I was contacted by the folks over at Expert Shield. They saw that I enjoy my D800 immensely, and asked if I would write a review of an Expert Shield screen protector if they sent me one at no charge. I agreed, and told them I would have an RX-100 shortly as well.

About a week or so later, I had a small package arrive from England, containing three expert shields. Two for the D800 and one for the RX-100. Now, I don’t take my D800 out all the time, it’s heavy, and if you know New York, you know it’s been brutally hot and humid this summer. As such, the thought of carrying around a heavy DSLR has not been in my mind. So I decided I would do my review based on my experiences with the shield on the RX-100.

Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 Expert Shield

That is the link to the shield sent to me. Opening the package, you see essentially the same type of clear plastic as any other shield, with the applicator sheets on it. A small squeegee tool is included, and a cleaning cloth. Instructions are as typical. Clean screen, don’t touch shield with your fingers, wash hands, etc. Application was simple, though perhaps a little trickier than some other screen protectors. This one is cut very true to size, so, on the RX-100, I needed to be very careful to have it squared up. I messed up the first time, and had to take it off and do it again. There is a positive to this though, it means it becomes almost unnoticeable once it is on the camera*. When I applied it, I had almost no bubbles. It was pretty annoying that I had one or two small ones that I couldn’t press out. C’est la vie. I let it rest.

I’ve been using the camera pretty regularly since then, both with and without it’s case (the Sony leather case), and, guess what. The bubbles are gone. I havent seen them since that first day. Also, I forget I have a screen protector on the camera. It’s very clear, the screen is still sharp, and it doesn’t fingerprint or smudge super easy (unlike the protector I had on my iPhone – NOT from Expertshield mind you). It sits almost flush, the bubbles faded away, the colors look almost like their is not shield, and the screen remains sharp. I have seen no build up of gunk around the edges, but that’s a more long term thing to watch out for.

I am generally not super rough on my cameras, I like them to last, and I am generally not one to use screen protectors. That being said, the lack of downsides to the Expert Shield means that I can recommend it no problem. The best complement you can give to a screen protector is that it looks like there is no screen protector during normal use. The Expert Shield fits that bill.