190-Megapixels – BAM!

Midtown Manhattan 2012

(this is an image you really need to click through to appreciate)

This image, in full resolution, is in the vicinity of 190-megapixels. How? By photographing the scene in small chunks, roughly 12 of them, in vertical orientation with my D800. It took my computer almost an hour to merge the images together.

The level of detail on the full res image is amazing. You can see birds flying next to Trump’s tower (the black building towards the left side). You can see the boarded up window in the UN. You can see the cars on the FDR.

I spent a lot of time just browsing the image myself after it was composited. THat’s something I always love to do with panoramas.

Next up? I need to do one from Jersey City. At night.

2 thoughts on “190-Megapixels – BAM!

  1. Holy Crap, thats freaking huge. LOL jeebus, so its 12 D800 shots vertical?since flickr didn’t accept the actually size… whats ur resolution of the original pano?

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